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Information about superior cotton rope  

mportant Information about SUPERIOR COTTON ROPE.  This website has been designed to promote a few products that have been manufactured exclusively for Berger's Baby Birds.  As we are the owners of about 150 birds, we are making bird toys constantly to keep the "kids" happy.  SUPERIOR COTTON ROPE was manufactured with bird safety being the top priority.  SUPERIOR COTTON ROPE is a unique COTTON ROPE that breaks apart easily to minimize any entanglement issues.  After an incident many years ago, one of our precious sun conures was playing with a long COTTON, knotted rope.  She loved it.  I had gone in to replace her soft food and she was hanging from the knotted rope.  I thought she was just playing.  She wasn't; she had hung herself.  From that day forward, Jim and I have never used or bought any COTTON toys that have long strands that toenails can be entangled in or that a head can fit through the unknotted, long strands.  SUPERIOR COTTON ROPE is 100% cotton.  It is short fibered.  SUPERIOR COTTON ROPE is all natural and unbleached.  If you are looking for COTTON ROPE (1/4" - 5/16" - 1/2") that will reduce the risk of any injuries, please give SUPERIOR COTTON ROPE a try.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding SUPERIOR COTTON ROPE or any other product on this website.


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