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 Superior Cotton Rope


Cotton Rope - yes, it is 100% cotton!!

Cotton Rope
1/2" Superior Cotton Rope

Yellow Nape

"I love my Superior Cotton Rope Toy"


We are so excited we are finally able to offer our cotton rope.  A 1/2" Superior 100% cotton rope that is -

"Simply Unfooled Around With"!

It is 100% natural and unbleached.

It is everything cotton rope shouldn't be - which is why it is being manufactured exclusively for bird  toys. It is short fibered and, therefore, pulls apart easily, which will minimize the risk of entanglement. If you pull on the fibers from the ends or shafts, you will get cotton puffs instead of long threads.

The other nice thing about this rope is that it is AVAILABLE and will be on a consistent basis.

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